Dear One Heart,
In keeping with the high frequencies sweeping our planet right now, we are aware that this is a period of tremendous change. During the next few moon cycles, there are even more intense changes impending, and it is good to spend a little time each day in silence and meditation. As I spent some quiet time in communion with the One Heart, this is what came through. I have been guided to share this with my beloved family, and with all who would like to join in this meditation, in groups or individually, focusing on the manifestation and the co-creation of a planet of love and peace and joy, a planet we all love so much, a planet we consider home and a planet that is magnetizing this awesome transfiguration into light, through our combined thought intentions and focused love.
Let us co-create the collective dream of this new Paradigm of Love, as One Heart!
One Heart Love,


Beloved One Heart,

As the ones who orchestrate this amazing Shift of all times, please prepare to move into the One Heart, in unison, to receive the finest and the purest light of the divine into your very cells and to hold the Heart of Gaia within your hearts.

It is time now to participate in a most profound event that shall have its effect on the whole of creation.

This shift from the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension is a huge one, and right now it takes the cumulative light of all the light-workers put together, to gather into one huge packet of Source Light and to radiate this to the Collective Consciousness.
You are once again on the very precipice, the edge of Time, waiting to leap forth into a new consciousness, shifting into a new paradigm, a paradigm of new realities.
This evolutionary shift requires inter-dimensional connection between the timeless essence of yourself and your different soul aspects. As the ones who light the pathway for those that seek the awakening force that sweeps this planet now, you use streams of thought, emotion, creativity and higher languages of symbology to express the cosmic unity of the Fifth dimensional world that is now manifesting around and through this planet.

Sense the presence of the Ascended Masters, and Light Masters holding graceful Gaia in their light and surrounding the whole of this dimension with the soft cocoon of their combined love.

The way to connect heaven and earth is through the heart. It is imperative on this pathway to bring matter and spirit together.

For those who are ready, the first step is to find within their innermost heart, the calm, peace, and stillness that is the realm of unconditional love that we are co-creating in and around us.

As you move into the stillness of your inner heart, know that you are being gently being drawn into a more refined aspect of your heart that reveals itself to you. Know that this layer of your inner heart is the closest to the most divine aspect of your soul, closest to Source as you have ever been.

Move deeper and deeper inwards until you find that sacred space and feel the power and the grace of your One Heart, drawing on the infinite source of love and light that emanates from the core of your being.

As you move deeper into the stillness of being, you merge with you higher dimensional self. This is accomplished by allowing the purest divine consciousness to stream into your heart from the very core of your heart and to integrate into every cell of your being.
Reach that ultimate point where within that stillness you sense a very fine and subtle force-field of light.

This sphere of light vibrates silently with the most divine frequencies of love and you recognize it as a powerful vortex of love, and you move into its center. Your heart is one with the center of this amazing field of light.

As you remain in this state of silent love, you begin to sense from deep within there is a super-refined frequency that spirals from another long-forgotten source that you now recognize and reclaim as the wellspring of wisdom and love that is the origin of your existence and your creation.

An ancient memory is triggered as remembrance floods from this point of source, within your heart. Great waves of love overwhelm you as you finally see your heart as being that source of being-ness. An inner knowing that is both resounding and silent vibrates in the center of your being, that begins to download into your conscious memory, your original divine blue-print, that reveals to you the contract of your soul to fulfill now the very purpose of your existence.

This revelation lifts the next veil of your heart / soul and you see that what you have considered to be the very core of your heart holds the secret to another inner heart that you must now unveil. This inner heart is the One Heart of Creation.

You must find it. You must find it deep within your heart. This is a time as no other for you to stay in silence and move through those misty walls of your heart core, until you find that Inner One Heart.

Here, there is no separation from Source. Here, there is no separation from the Heart of Gaia. Here, there is no separation from any other. Here, there is no separation from any other.

Here lies the One-ness that shall make you whole and perfect once again. Here lies the peace that you so crave in your outer world. Here lies the power with which you can co-create Heaven on Earth. Here lies the wisdom that is of all manifest and unmanifest multi-verses. Here lies the love that you are.

Draw on it, Light Ones! Draw on this immense One Heart, so in powerful resonance frequencies of love, you radiate the Gaia-Source Light and Love out to drench this planet with the purest love vibrations.

Light continues to spin to move forward and then return to source. For Love is the magnetism which brings the light to seek balance as it spins in creative effort. Abundance and wealth are consistent with love and wisdom and joy with light. All dimensions are created from love and light.

Let the grandest initiation of all ages propel the movement of the entire human race through this cycle of existences, into the next paradigm of love that is already manifesting around us.

Consciously shift the frequencies of love within your heart, within the Heart of Gaia, within the Heart of Creation, into higher octaves of divine and unconditional love, as your cells begin to vibrate with the Higher Music of the Spheres.

All the Light bearers and awakened souls around the world, including the Gaiadon Hearts, the healers, the crystal keepers, form a magnificent grid of light upon and around the planet, pulsing their vortex light in strong, gentle and peaceful waves of light. Allow the evolution of all fields of experience to attune to the vibrations of enlightenment.
The harmonic alignment between dimensions takes place by sound, light, color, and other sensory attunements, and the overtones and undertones of such global awakening, together create a symphonic expansion of creation. Simply allow your field of light to experience the vibrations of enlightenment by linking your light body with thought intention to the collective consciousness field and embrace the incoming higher frequencies of love and light as they flow into the human consciousness grid, lifting every aspect of creation into the waves of higher light. As you attune and vibrate within the harmonic range of the dimensions there is synchronization. Time, space and creation merge as all movement is connected in ever changing unity and undifferentiated oneness. The bliss and perfection of fifth dimensional harmonic balance coincides with the divine essence of being.

By balancing the frequencies within the dimensions, connecting them, and translating the vibrations between the physical and non-physical realms with the power of your conscious awareness, you facilitate the dissolution and the transmutation of the rapidly thinning dimensional veils.

Pulse shift through three dimensional portals now, shifting the planet and the entire human race through each portal in a gentle surge of inner movement.

Pulse Shift 1: You gently spiral into a higher consciousness that automatically transmutes all limitation into freedom and greater sensitivity and receptivity to divine consciousness. You feel a new reality settling in and you are free to spin into greater evolution. See the whole planet around you, merging with your light body, your heart, one with Gaia and Spirit.

Pulse Shift 2: You spin through into an exalted state of pure awareness, and a realm of divine manifestation. Abundance, joy, wisdom, and a subtle grace are your state of being. Gaia’s heart is one with your heart and the heart of Spirit.

Pulse Shift 3: You move into a state of total divine consciousness. You are the Divine Incarnate. You are the One Heart.

The whole planet is poised before a great shift. There is a heightened activity that you can sense in the collective consciousness grid, where all awakening souls are being guided by the light of the awakened ones to join in this grand shift, the shift of all times. Every time you shift to a higher state of light and love, the shift is experienced by the whole planet. You now prepare to assist the next planetary alignment with the celestial forces that are in tune with the Divine Plan. The Portals of Ascension are all open and activated. The continuum of ascension merges with the cosmic river of consciousness, magnetizing all streams of human experiences through the many life-lines, flowing together into the Ocean of Oneness, the Sea of Beingness. Simply bathe the planet with these waves of love and light and feel this love and light spinning out in ever increasing patterns of sacred resonance releasing matter into light and activating universal love into every life-form at the cellular level.

Witness the grand birthing of this planet into a crystalline dimension of light. Blessed One Heart, you are the Divine Incarnate. You are the way-showers and you are the light bearers. You are the One Heart. You are the New Celestial Beings that exist in crystalline light form, upon this Crystalline New World of Love and Joy. Enjoy the Shift of all Ages in peace, love, joy and harmony. All of creation celebrates as this is the unfolding of the New Paradigm of Love, and it is Now manifested. Rejoice, precious ones and let the Love of your One Heart play the Celestial Music of the Inner Spheres.
Love Is….the New Paradigm. Love Is… You. Love Is… the One Heart.


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