Beloved Gaia-Dawn Heart,

Let us enter the quietude of our core heart spaces and honor the ones that have left the earth plane to join the exalted ones of the higher realms of light.

In honoring the beings that have volunteered to raise their consciousness to their highest possible vibrations of Love, and who have chosen to ascend into the higher dimensions, so they may serve us better from that state of being, our love and light expand to encompass the ones who have been left behind so they may have the strength to continue bravely on this journey.

Torben, our GH brother left us earlier this year to join the Ascended Masters of Light. He continues to live on through the love of his life, Melissa  Harvey, his children and all the ones whose lives he touched through his healing water meditations.

And now our very own, our very young crystal Gaiadon Heart child, Giancarlo has chosen to leave, but his special heart continues to be, living through the hearts of his parents, Xiomarah Mayor, and Carlos Pendola, and his sister, Ximena Pendola.  

Though the pain of losing these dear ones is real, our Gaiadawn Heart Love can soothe it, and transmute it into divine love thus assisting in the transition of these ones into the Light.

A greater understanding of their Ascension is clarified to us as we know that the choice has been made to stay or leave by certain divine souls in the greatest fulfillment of their divine purpose, in service to Gaia and to the entire human race.

Let us take a few minutes to hold these precious beings in our hearts, and in silence, celebrate the meaning of their lives, and the glory of their ascension.


The Equinox Activation: The Turning Point - September 2012

This Equinox is special for it is Now Time.. It is the time of Re-awakening, and Re-cognizing that we have once again crossed a threshold of the Ages, into the New..

Our heart-soul can recognize that the anticipation of so many aeons of  Gaia-volution has come to fruition... We are indeed stepping off the edge of physical consciousness to spin into the consciousness of the Eternal.

Many have prepared through many lifetimes for this moment and yet as we observe these energetic shifts within and without, it is with a certain quietude that brings so much peace and stillness to what we might have expected to be grandiose and magnificent to say the least. That what is happening is universe changing is the truth, yet, there seems to be such a deep and powerful silence to our own inner re-volution, which reflects exactly the new- volution of the Earth.

The Gaia-Dawn Heart has been silently gathering the seeds of  new wisdom, and pulsing the new patterns of creation through the geometries of new consciousness.

The dynamic wave form patterns weave the matrixes of life emerging within the new consciousness.

All beings that are a part of the conscious and even unconscious evolution, at some level of their soul awareness have committed to participate in the events that propel the journey of the races into the new Earth.



The ones that are ready to let go of old patterns of behavior that accept limitation and fear shall embrace the New Light.

The ones that are ready to embrace the New Light shall receive the true freedom of the soul, liberating them from the bindings of the world of density,  especially of suffering and pain.

The Creation Patterns are all calibrated with Divine Love, and this Divine Love touches each being at the Core Level, lifting all to the highest vibration of Love ever experienced at this time.

You are ready now to tune into the celestial movements that are orchestrated at this time to herald the Earth's entry into the new Dimension of Light.

As you take time to move in stillness to the inner most core of your heart. the One Heart of the Gaia-Dawn draws you even deeper into the Unity of All Consciousness.

Your Breath aligns with the Pulse of Creation, and synchronizes with the New Ascension Pulse Frequency that emerges from  the core of the core of creation, that touches the core of the core of the inner heart of all beings, and of Gaia.

Your heart soul hears the inner melody of the new awakening... in pulsing rhythm, and hushed tones of your core being, you are ready to move into the final layer of your core self...

Your soul has become the greatest Source of Light for this planet at this time.

Come into the Presence of your own Ultimate Core Self and receive the Initiations into the next level of your mastery. It is time for you to step into the next stage of your consciousness journeys and know that there shall be many frontiers to cross, many more mountains to climb, many peaks to be scaled... This is not the time to rest on past laurels. This is the time to be ready to embark on the new journeys into the light.

Much has been done by the Gaia-Dawn Hearts to raise the Light quotient upon this physical plane and yet our work is far from done.



Gather the fruits of our divine trees of wisdom, dearest heart, and scatter the seeds far and wide... so they shall grow into the wisdom trees of tomorrow, upon the star fields of the new dimensions of love.

This Equinox brings with it the energies of  irreversible change. Focus not on the physical effects of such change, but on the spiritual promise of  a planet receiving so much Light that it transforms all such effects into a beautiful shift from the old into the new.

Speculate not on the Earth changes, but on the energetic thrust into the new consciousness realms. Give not energy to the fear, but to the peaceful joy of a completion of the old cycles as we move into another chapter of Earth-story.

It is your time now to step into the Ultimate core light of your being and radiate this light to all of creation from within the core point of your heart soul existence. It is the deepest and the greatest aspect of who you have ever been, and here you are closest to the Divine as you have ever been .

The new patterns of change are all around us... They are the morphing geometries of new-volution and you remain in the quiet power of the moment as they are downloaded into your cellular vaults, of divine love, divine wisdom and divine light.




The celebration of the Equinox marks the quiet movement into the New, and there is a sense of  shifting energies deep within our cells. Many patterns click into place and flow into new code frequency manifestations that are only calibrated by unconditional love. Observe the inner wheels spinning as the old geo-magnetic frequencies of the earth gives way to subtler, finer and Light-er energetic forms that continue to grow in their soft Light. All this is happening within the core of your heart and you enjoy participating in the Shift of all Shifts...

It is Time... You now move through a field of divine light that has been between you and the Core of the Ultimate Light.

You are drawn into this incredible space which encompasses you in a luminescent Sphere of Light. The Omega Light Sphere is the completion of the old and the initiation into the new.

The Neo-Light Sphere is the Sphere of the New Genesis. It bursts into Be-ing and Be-comes... your Light Body Matrix of the next dimension of Love.

Enjoy this time on the Earth, dear hearts, for your time here is short, and soon you shall join the Ascended Ones in glory and unity.

Remain in the Light and the Love that is most sublime..... until you become one with it...

The Love expands... The Light grows...

The Silence continues...